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Apostrophe Ensemble, Best in Show exhibition

Apostrophe Ensemble.

9th Dec 2016: Melody Cycle #2, Anatomy #14 event, Summerhall (Edinburgh)

June 2016: Jack and the' + the Apostrophe Ensemble, Institut Français d'Ecosse (Edinburgh) - Video


Sept 2012: Fall of a window cleaner, Anatomy #2 event, Summerhall (Edinburgh) - Video


Feb 2012: Fall of a window cleaner, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Glasgow) - Video

Sept 2011: Fall of a window cleaner, Arches LIVE festival (Glasgow) - Video


May 2011: Verso-Tempo, Focus Left event, The Arches (Glasgow) - Video


Nov 2008: Verso-Tempo, Best in Show Exhibition, Digital Hub (Dublin)


Oct 2008: Somnambule, Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, The Joinery (Dublin)


June 2008: Verso-Tempo (surround sound performance), Broadstone Studios (Dublin) - Video

Viridian Quartet, Sound Thought Festival

Other orchestras.

24th Nov 2016: Trois Fulgurances, Edinburgh Composers' Orchestra, Reid Hall (Edinburgh)

Aug 2016: Trois Fulgurances, Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble, Fringe Festival, St Mary's Cathedral (Edinburgh) - Video

Nov 2015: Hologram, Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble (conducted by Jim Lowe), Reid Hall (Edinburgh) - Video


Nov 2014: Paper Dance 1, Tinderbox Orchestra, Festival Theatre (Edinburgh) - Video


March 2012: Flercussion, Scottish Music Centre Composition Marathon, Old Fruitmarket (Glasgow)


March 2012: From there, nothing…, Viridian Quartet, Sound Thought Festival, The Arches (Glasgow)


April 2011: Fall of a window cleaner, AIC Ensemble (conductor Gavin Maloney), National Concert Hall (Dublin)

Mr McFall's Chamber, Electronics workshop

Workshops and residencies. Julien Lonchamp.

Nov 2014: Creative Sessions, Tinderbox Orchestra (Edinburgh)


June 2011: Composers MiniLab, Edinburgh International Film Festival - Video

May 2011: Electronics workshop, Mr McFall’s Chamber (Edinburgh) - Video


Feb to Apr 2011: Freedom of the composer workshop, AIC Ensemble (Mentor: John McLachlan) (Dublin)


March and Nov 2010: Performance workshops, London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra (London)

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