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Hologram. Music.

Performed by the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble (ECME)
Conducted by
Jim Lowe
28th November 2015, Reid Hall, Edinburgh


Recorded and mixed by Donald Bell
Thanks to all the musicians, the ECME committee, Paul, Claudine and Richie


Hologram is a journey throughout an imaginary sound-world. The piece is inspired by the holographic theory in astrophysics, which proposes that the 4-dimensional world we experience (3 spatial dimensions plus time) might actually be the boundary of a higher multidimensional space-time, much like a 3D holographic image works (with 3D information stored onto a 2D surface).

What are the dimensions of sound and music? Can we play with them to suggest higher or hidden sonic dimensions? The piece is composed of three movements. In the 1st one ("the world as we know it"), several musical motifs are exposed then crushed down to a single sound (a sort of sonic "black hole"), allowing us to enter into a novel imaginary sound-world.

In the 2nd movement ("the holographic dimensions", from 04.10), the dimensions of this single sound (pitch, timbre, rhythm, loudness) are re-introduced one by one and "perverted" using a range of processes (microtonal, spectral, polyrhythmic), while the motifs of the 1st movement are re-imagined (through mirror writing and note phasing).

In the 3rd movement ("the holographic world", from 09.28), the different elements developed in the 2nd movement are combined into increasingly complex forms (through juxtaposition, superimposition and morphing). The movement eventually resolves into the starting material, the journey effectively going full circle back into our sonic world.


Trois Fulgurances. Music.

"Three dazzling speeds"!



Paper Dance ♯1. Music.

A musical piece celebrating the visual rhythms invented by early film animators.

Developed as part of the Tinderbox Orchestra's Creative Sessions.



Melody Cycle ♯2. Graphic Score and Music.

Graphic score based on the process of "note phasing", in which similar motifs gradually go out of phase with each other, creating new harmonic and rhythmic patterns throughout the piece



Fall of a window cleaner. Music and film.

Abstract piece narrating the journey of a window cleaner as he is sucked inside the  building from which he is falling.

Developed in partnership with the Arches in Glasgow.




Harrachov. Soundtrack.

Film: Matt Hulse, Joost van Veen

Violin and extended techniques: Oona McFarland

Sound processing: Julien Lonchamp

The soundtrack was designed as part of the Composers MiniLab at the 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival.




Octopus. Music.

Percussion quartet.

Verso-Tempo. Music and film.

Condemned to the confines of a half-lit house, a character battles on the cusp between reality and madness, seemingly trapped within his own mind. 

Best in Digital Art award at the 2008 Best in Show exhibition (Dublin)

Best Experimental Film nomination at the 2009 Fastnet Film Festival (Ireland)



Somnambule. Music and film.

Surreal journey of a sleepwalker throughout a night.


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