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The Apostrophe Ensemble. Project.

Founded by Julien Lonchamp, the project explores how sound and music work at the interface with other disciplines, investigating novel collaborative possibilities with other art forms (film, visual art, dance) and science (astrophysics, bioacoustics, food science).

Based in Scotland, the ensemble creates and performs orchestral scores to accompany new visual art and film. Working in partnership with filmmakers and visual artists, the project incorporates a contemporary dimension into the traditional craft of film scoring.

The project also explores how sound can be used to communicate abstract or complex ideas with an audience. Current projects include an audiovisual immersion into a black hole and a study of the influence of food-related sounds on flavour perception.

Finally, the ensemble endeavours to blur the boundaries between classical orchestration and genres such as pop or jazz. The orchestra is currently working with the band Jack and the' as part of the Re/Score project .


Julien Lonchamp. Music and film.

Hailing from Nancy (France), Julien studied composition and filmmaking in Trinity College Dublin. Shortly after graduating, he formed The Apostrophe Ensemble to explore live cinema performance but soon explanded the scope of the project to include other disciplines such as visual art or scientific research. Julien now lives in Edinburgh.

Verso-Tempo was awarded a Best in Digital Art award at the 2008 Best in Show exhibition (Dublin) and nominated for Best Experimental Film at the Fastnet Film Festival (2009). Fall of a window cleaner was commissioned for the 2011 Arches LIVE Festival in Glasgow, while Trois fulgurances was developed during the Scottish Music Centre's 2012 Composition Marathon.


In addition to the Apostrophe Ensemble, Julien's music has been performed by various orchestras, including the Edibnurgh Contemporary Music Ensemble (ECME), Mr McFall's Chamber, Flercussion, the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra and the Viridian Quartet.

Julien also leads the orchestral pop band Jack and the', which collaborates with the Apostrophe Ensemble as part of the Re/Score project (


Derek Williams. Conductor.

Alongside a career as an educator, Derek has worked variously as composer, orchestrator and conductor in styles as diverse as contemporary music, film soundtracks and operas. His work has been performed at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.


Throughout his work on feature films and television documentaries, he has frequently conducted studio orchestras, including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for the film Frauds


Derek currently resides in Scotland, where he recently completed a PhD in music at The University of Edinburgh.

The Apostrophe Ensemble. Contemporary orchestra.

The core ensemble is composed of:


Flute - Simon Dennis

Clarinet - Calum Robertson (

Trumpet - Carol Diaper

Trombone - Rachel Gilmour

Percussion - Lindsey Shuttleworth

Violin - Claire Yim

Cello - Jackie Keeley

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